Well, if you know me, you know that I’ve created a few Facebook groups to share my enthusiasm for healthy eating, fermented foods, chemical free living, and my newest one is about Sprouts and Micro-greens…  I love what I do! Sharing my creations and answering questions from all over the world!! When I get up in the mornings, usually when it’s still dark, I check on all my messages and notifications and emails.. At this point it takes me about two hours to get to all of them!!

I’ve always been the baby of most groups I’ve been in.  In elementary school I skipped first grade, since I could read so well.. making me the youngest in all my classes after that!!  Then when I was hired for my job in Law Enforcement I was by far the youngest and was treated like the baby..

Fast forward to today… Yesterday in my sprouting group someone thanked me for being the “grandmother” that we all never had, and needed to teach us things that were being lost over the years…  And today a guy that was messaging me for help,  thanked me, saying that he hadn’t grown up with an older person teaching him how to use nature to create healthy living food…

Hmm.. a Grandmother to adults?? An older person teaching lost arts… Who me offended? Not a chance, I was blessed!! And suddenly I realized I have a mission… Keeping valuable, healthy practices alive.. Trying to inspire, and being a resource for those that will carry on..  Some things – fermenting foods, canning and preserving, dehydrating, growing our own fruits and veggies, and sprouting – are just too valuable to let go!! Just call me Grandma!! 😉







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