So.. I know I’ve said before that God is So cool… Today was another little proof of that… Just hanging out at the “rehab” hospital with my Daddy for the past ten days has resulted in his roommate passing on his germs to me (It’s ok.. I really needed a break!! ) Last night I got a call scheduling my MRI on my hand.. for This morning.. Which would have been fine, except I was coughing, hacking, sneezing and dripping continuously for the past 24 hours… When I called to cancel they weren’t answering the phone.. So I set the alarm for o’dark thirty.. and headed over.. I explained that I was really sick and couldn’t stay still.. Nobody paid attention.. They stuck me in the tube.. In a Superman position with my hand stuck out in front.. (pretty fun) I lay there as they pushed me into the machine.. and prayed that I wouldn’t drip, sneeze, cough or anything else that would halt my test… For 35 minutes I did none of that… Just lay there with the blaring magnetic sounds in my head… breathing calmly through my nose… And they got it DONE!!! Well, honestly since they pulled me out of the tube I’ve been coughing and dripping non-stop.. but for 35 minutes… our God stopped it all ’cause I needed it


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  1. Praise the Lord! His grace is indeed sufficient for you. May you continue to filled with the measure of the fullness of God. Have a blessed week ahead 🙂


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