Yes.. I’m pondering again… a few months ago I had to have my passport photo taken… You can’t smile (impossible for me)  You can’t wear glasses.. to hide the bags under your eyes.. and our photographer was a foot shorter than I.. meaning that she took the photo looking up my nostrils.. To say that this was an awful photo would be an understatement.. and If I ever get to go anywhere I would hate to show it to anyone..  Predominant were my wrinkles…  Where in the world did Those come from?? I scrub with baking soda.. moisturize with coconut and Emu oil… Yet, my skin was obviously delineated by scores of lines.  And I was truly traumatized….

Yesterday I was blessed to be able to serve at the memorial of a friend from church’s husband.. They were older… He was the spunkiest!! Always called me “Shorty”.. Pretty sure he couldn’t remember my name… This couple was joined at the hip.. Whenever you saw him, you could be sure that she would be carefully walking about ten steps behind.. and would point out the pew that he was supposed to sit in!!

I was gifted with the “job” of serving soup and was able to love on the precious family of these two adorable people… I heard stories and quips from grandkids and kids.. and was totally Blessed…

And then I had to run.. So I went over to my friends table to love on her… My hair was a Mess,.. my apron coved with tomato soup splashes..She was sitting amidst her family.. a couple had their hands on her.. all had their eyes on her… And this precious woman looked up at me.. 8 decades of life written on her face.. and she says “God Bless you my friend” and I realized that I was looking at one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen..

Wrinkles? Pfft. I will not worry about them anymore…

 portrait-very-old-wrinkled-latino-woman-nicaragua-department-nueva-segovia-ocotal-city-close-elderly-face-full-59449489images 2images 3images 5


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  1. Dear sproutskrautandspice,

    I just love this email. I think I’ll read it again and again – just in case I forget what is really important. Love to you. And thanks.



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