The Great Eclipse of 2017

Our God is So Cool!!! Grocery shopping day is not normally a day that engenders profound thought, but today was an exception. Some people in our country are pretty angry and would like the rest of us to be! Watching the news has just been awful lately…. And then God steps in.. Just like a parent trying to distract a cranky child by saying “sweetheart look at this shiny thing” God sees the turmoil and says.. “Hey kids, look at this!!!” And millions of people do!! All over people are traveling to reach the Perfect viewing spot, and parking, or laying their sleeping bags next to hundreds of perfect strangers.. And grinning, talking, laughing and watching the sight… In parking lots across cities people with eclipse glasses or welding goggles are sharing them with crowds of strangers… When I came out of one store a guy with welding goggle hollered at me to come Look!! Soon a multi-racial crowd gathered handing the goggles around smiling and marvelling at the spectacle!! Scientists have know for a long time that this eclipse was coming… God knew that the perfect day for it would be today


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