It’s all about the feet, bout the feet!!

It sounds like a strange thing to say when this blog is actually about bone broth…. But it’s the truth!  We’ve heard it said that you can judge the nutrition in broth based on the gel.  So seriously I’ve been making broth back before it became Bone Broth and became cool!!  And it always, well, almost always solidifies somewhat when it’s refrigerated.  And it’s a wonderful healing thing.   And then I discovered feet.. More specifically what magic happens when you add feet to your bone broth!!

Dealing with Leaky Gut Syndrome has made me even More conscious of what exactly is in my broth.  You already know I pack it with fresh Turmeric, garlic, ginger, onions (skins intact) and whatever sad veggies are in the fridge.  So it was time to step it up a notch… and add feet!! Admittedly not the most appealing pieces of any animal.  I began with chicken feet and they were pretty creepy and really fun!! ( Chasing my son around pulling the tendon on the bottom so that the claws open and close!! Ha ha!!)  But what would they do to my chicken broth?  The answer, a decent, great tasting lightly gelled broth!

And then… After smoking some pork shoulder I had some great bones ready to go!! So I ran out and bought pigs feet!  A pretty amazing feat for an ex-vegan…  Brought them home and roasted them for an hour at 350 degrees, and threw them in the Instant Pot with all my regular goodies… After two hours I pulled out the broth.. even sitting on the counter cooling I could tell there was something different. It was just thicker!  And my did it smell good!!  Into the fridge it went… And the next morning when I grabbed a jar to add to my breakfast and it didn’t exactly pour!! It’s the consistency of really solid jello!!! And buying feet is now part of my weekly shopping!! Try it!!DSC02972

And really… If you don’t have an Instant pot yet.. It’s time.. I made 8 quarts of incredible broth in 4 hours!!!  Check this one out.. It’s got all the bells and whistles that you’ll ever need!!







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