Never alone!

I think that sometimes when we’re going through a difficult situation we feel like we’re alone. As I was cooking up my Daddy’s meals for the week it occurred to me that maybe some of you are in the same position… or will be. So, I figure I’ll give you some of my tips for feeding a terminally ill person. When we’re in the Oncology wing it’s common to hear other patients say that they can eat anything they want because it won’t matter anyways.. Some of the food that their relatives bring is astoundingly horrible.. McDonald’s burgers are a frequent sight as we sit there. Well when my Dad was diagnosed I took a somewhat different view of what he could be eating! If you’ve read my testimony you know that his diagnosis is what ultimately led to changing my health and saving my life!

After reading Eat to Live and the Wahl’s Protocol I was convinced that every single bite that my Dad ate should contain the maximum amount of nutrition possible.

IMG_1258.JPGThis African Stew is a case in point.  It contains Turmeric, Nigella Sativa seeds, black pepper, coconut oil, coconut cream, yams, black beans, Collagen peptide, Great Northern beans, tomatoes, bone broth and spinach.. along with any other powerhouse food that’s hanging around my kitchen.   With his particular disease he was told that one of the first things to go is the taste buds and that’s why patients tend to stop eating… Yeah, that’s Not going to happen on my watch!

Another suggestion… make it easy on yourself, eat healthy and then you can package up the leftovers each night, throw them in the freezer and take them over on visiting day.  I set Saturdays apart for cooking for Dad, and since I know that I’ll be home all day, it’s the perfect opportunity to light up my smoker and cook our meats for the week too… I also tend to my sprouts and ferments, and start at least one new batch of something!!

I am absolutely blessed that I love cooking, but I make sure that Saturdays never become drudgery for me.  I have a healthy breakfast, throw on my stained, faded apron, turn on my favorite Oldies radio station and start my day!!  I’m usually ready for a break about 11:30, coincidentally that’s when Rick Bayless’ cooking show comes on PBS.. So I sit with my feet up and a steaming cup of Jasmine green tea for an entire 1/2 an hour.  Then I jump back in!

If you are taking care of an ailing loved one, or see it upcoming in your future, the most important thing you can do, is Take Care of You!!  Eat healthy, get exercise everyday, and find ways to de-stress!! (Thankfully, cooking is my way to de-stress!)

God Bless you guys for the way you are serving your loved ones! Let me know if I can help you!12291809_1641696392762101_4052172847186705836_o.jpg


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  1. Your journey is inspiring to me, I bought a instant pot this last week, and am going back through your recipes, especially how to do bone broth.


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