The Great Reveal-er

Well, it’s my birthday so I decided to do something either brave, or foolhardy, depending on your point of view…  I got dressed in the Biggest Loser outfit, Oi Vey I hate that name.. But you know the one I mean, a pair of skintight leggings and a sports bra.. And I actually walked in to look in my full length mirror!!

Now, you know I’ve been on the AIP for six weeks now. It’s clearly Not a diet to lose weight but to change your health. I did lose 11 pounds in the first couple weeks.. And since then, nothing!! So why I thought my venture into the hallway was a good idea, I’m not sure.   Well, as a woman of a “certain age”  that has three adult children, had two different cancers and more than a dozen surgeries over the years, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I winced as I peeked.  And then was surprised…  Yes, my skin is saggier and wrinkly-er than I would like it to be.. And yes my health history is evident by all the scars… But.. I noticed that my ever-present bloated belly was gone… The puffiness under my skin had disappeared.. The swelling in my knees had diminished.. And this woman of a certain age didn’t look half bad!!

Finding foods that trigger inflammation in your body is one of the most important tools that you have in your quest for a better, healthier future!!  Yes the AIP is an elimination diet as you all know.  Some of the trigger foods you will discover can Never be added again because of their affects on your body. And I say Good Riddance!! I don’t want to ever again eat food that will hurt my body, even if I don’t instantly feel it!!  I honestly was unaware of the damage that re-introducing foods had been doing to me. Looking at myself in the mirror was proof that this old body looks much better without the inflammation that has plagued me!

I know, because I hear it from some of you.. You don’t have the willpower. It’s too difficult. You don’t like cooking. You don’t feel any inflammation so you don’t need to change your way of eating. Or… You simply don’t feel bad enough yet.  Throw those leggings and sports bra on… and take a good long, honest look in the mirror. Got any swollen joints? Bloated belly? Edema? Bags under your eyes? Perhaps a couple pounds more than you would like to have hanging around. Or the more intangible clues.. Fatigue, Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Memory Loss, Brain Fog??

When you’re ready for a change, let me know.. and join me!! You do have the power to change your life!

Once again, check out The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballentyne


(You really didn’t expect to see a selfie of me in my little outfit did you? Ha ha!!)   images-2.jpeg



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  1. Well, I WAS wondering if you would include a selfie.
    I really need to do this because I get so uncomfortable with many aches and twitching after dinner most every night.
    My difficulty is that I have a significant other who has totally different dietary needs. I struggle to find the energy to put together one good meal a day for the two of us and generally cater to his needs since he’s had heart surgery and I want to see him well enough to reduce his many medications.
    That means there’s always food I shouldn’t eat in the house tempting me because he is following the advice of his nutritionist (who is obese) and eats so much grain, dairy, and fruit, and he complains if I serve rice too often instead of potatoes which I have identified as a source of my restless legs. (I included fruit because I try to avoid the sugars and generally stick to citrus). And we eat much later than I would like because he does his daily walk for his heart health when we really should be eating and he won’t eat before his walk, again because of advice from the doctor or nutritionist.

    WA WA WA… Short of kicking him to the curb I can’t get my needs into focus with all his requirements. I am stuck in a rut.

    How is one to manage when they have someone in their life and can’t focus on themselves. I know, I know, I have to love myself more.

    Anyway you are a daily inspiration to me to keep incorporating change.


    • Hi Brenda! I actually have some idea how you’re feeling… When I first began the AIP I had three kids living at home, plus my sweetie, and then all the girlfriends and boyfriends over for meals frequently. Nobody else was choosing the AIP, but I was the one that did the shopping, and cooking!! If there isn’t junk in the house he can’t eat it.. I’d actually look for a good nutritionist for your sweetie! He should be eating cleanly too!! Sometimes it’s a matter of will.. You don’t have to eat the same food that he does.. You don’t have to eat meals at the same time he does. Pick up a copy of Wahl’s Protocol and The Paleo Approach. Make a game plan to heal your body. Have plenty of good proteins and tons of gorgeous veggies in the house! Prepare your dinner when You are ready to eat. Eat that meal before his walk and feed him when you get home!! When you make your health a priority he will notice! And he might just decide to change to, but for now, You are the important one!! You Can Do This!!


  2. Now there’s an idea I have no legitimate excuses for avoiding. Hmmm… where are those tights?

    Last time I took my diet under control I had two dress forms… the plus size I was at and the smaller size I wanted to be…the “real” me. I put my favorite dresses for each size on their respective dress forms, plus a photo of myself at that size pinned to the top of each one. The backs of the dress forms faced my bed and the fronts faced my mirrored dresser, so that I was seeing the backsides last thing before sleep and first thing after and was seeing the fronts and the photos while I was at my dresser. The effect was that I had it daily highlighted that I could live with that big butt or with the trim tush, the massive bust or the svelte one…the choice was mine each and every time I put something into my mouth. It helped me very quickly to opt for water instead of snacking whenever hunger hit between meals.

    There’s no room in my bedroom right now for the dress forms, but that look in the mirror I can and will do. Maybe I should use a bathing suit so that I can have photos I’m not *too* unwilling to share later.

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