My AIP Adventure!!

Well, as many of you know, I went on a combo of the Auto-Immune Protocol/Wahl’s Protocol three years ago and turned my life upside down.  I followed my version very strictly for two years.  Yes, I know they’re elimination diets, meaning that you begin to add things back in eventually, but I felt So good I was loathe to add anything that might compromise that!!  Well as time went on I gave in!  Last year I added eggs back into my diet – no significant immune system reaction, and then nightshades – very sparingly and carefully, and finally, nuts and seeds – huge to minimal reaction depending on what kind of nuts.  Almonds and walnuts killed me, but it seemed like I could tolerate Macadamia nuts (Yummo!!) and Pumpkin Seeds (score!!).   And yes, you know me… I used every spice and herb known to man with abandon!

As the year went on I began to notice that my knees just weren’t playing fair.. They’d swell up and ache when I walked or stood too much, or really pushed myself at the gym.   I developed some sort of hand/wrist pain that I attributed to chopping veggies too vigorously or too often.  Keep in mind, these things crept up so slowly that somehow I’d forgotten the feeling of being pain free in the previous years!  Finally I developed something that included symptoms of GERD (I stopped drinking Kombucha at that point) and difficulty swallowing my food, and stomach ulcer symptoms.  Seriously? I thought I was doing Everything right… Well, maybe except for the glasses of wine while I cooked dinner.   A couple weeks ago I was diagnosed with yet another “Rare” Auto-Immune disease that is allergic in nature!!

As I drove away from the Gastroenterologist’s office stunned, I started grinning…  Another challenge for me!  Armed with the knowledge that this disease is allergy based was a huge clue.  The logical step was to go back on a good elimination diet.  So two weeks ago that’s exactly what I did!

Now you can check out my journey!  I’m on a strict AIP, and am finding new and creative ways to eat Well!!  The thrilling part this time? My husband has joined me!!

For more information, check out the book   The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne








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