Why I do what I do!!

I’ve been asked so many times why I am so excited about sharing the things that I’ve learned over the past few years, why I’m so passionate about healthy food, why do I care? It’s a form of paying it forward! I am so thankful that my life has been changed and if I can help even one person to change theirs, I’ll be a happy old girl!

So, this is my story, as requested….

I wasn’t a real sickly kid, but I did discover a lactose intolerance when I was about ten and stopped drinking milk.. When I was 15 I stopped eating animal proteins.. In the 70’s it was Cool to be a Vegetarian. And I was a bad one! Well, we had no internet in those Dark Ages… And I had no nutritional information to learn from. So I ate pasta, bread, rice, beans and some veggies. I proceeded to get unhealthy progressively. When I was 22 I took a cruise on the Love Boat and ended up in the hospital with Typhoid fever. I survived it, but Auto-Immune diseases began hitting me hard. I spent the next 30 years on the couch wrapped in blankets with heating pads on my muscles and joints… Multiple doctors were happy to dose me with dozens of horrible prescription drugs. I was Vegan/Vegetarian by that time, and really thought I was following the healthiest diet ever – I mean I’d cut out meat, that’s what you’re supposed to do!! Getting through the day was getting tougher and tougher. Thyroid Cancer, Hysterectomy, a dozen surgeries…
Then I got Breast Cancer and I suddenly got tired of being sick and tired!! I happened to check out the Wahl’s Protocol and my life changed!! I read it in one day… Cleared out my pantry and fridge.. Went shopping the next day.. Imagine if you will.. For 35 years I’d eaten no meat. I walked into the butcher shop and started asking questions. He looked at me and said “you’re a vegetarian aren’t you?” And I started learning.  I read everything I could get my hands on… Paleo books, Auto Immune Disease cures, Everything!   Within 14 days of starting the Protocol a horrible neurological problem went away. I ditched 12 meds and fired 4 doctors. I joined a Silver Sneakers exercise class.  Bought a Rebounder… I started making my own Kimchi, Kefir, Kombucha and Kraut. Yes I am a recovered Vegetarian and now am a very enthusiastic Veggieholic!! I no longer sit around in pain. I’m way too busy for that. The impact that food has on our bodies cannot be underestimated! Now I spend my time dreaming up new ferments and healthy recipes, teaching classes and counseling people on changing their lives!!  My kids quip that I’m aging backwards!!   Life is Good!

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