Picky Eaters….

DSC01805Well, it’s pretty funny… This morning on the news the story read “Picky Eating a sign of Mental Illness??”  Ha ha!! Well I’ve always considered the possibility!!  As someone who can’t wait to taste and touch everything, those children in elementary school who only had PB&J’s for lunch every day were crazy in my mind!!!  But have you noticed.. You can develop a taste for things you never would have thought possible!!!

I look at the foods that I eat nowadays and I absolutely marvel!!!  Foods that were absolutely unfamiliar to me growing up, are now a staple of my diet!!  Eggplant, kohlrabi?? Parsnips? Shoot I didn’t even know what those were!!   My kids have not led such a veggie sheltered life.. From the time they were tiny we’d zip to the grocery store with a plan!!  We had to find something in the store that was totally unfamiliar to us.. Find out how it was eaten.. And Eat it!!!   They developed varied palates by the time they were toddlers!!

You know I’m always in search of the most nutritious foods possible and then try to make them delicious… In my home this has sometimes caused consternation… Take the Daikon radish for instance…  I’ll never forget the first time I brought one home and proceeded to slice it up!! I cleared the house amid cries of Mommmmmm!!!!  And a less than pleased look from my husband.  I had to promise not to bring Daikon back into the house.  But of course my fingers were crossed.  Now one ferment that gets eaten voluntarily and has to be made regularly is my Daichi, Carrot and Daikon ferment.  The new and stinky has become the commonplace.

Then today came.  I’ve heard recently about this superfood… That is also a common weed!! Purslane can be found in most of our backyards.  It has an incredibly high ratio of Omega 3’s and a boatload of vitamins and other nutrients as well as the fiber that we all need.  I have sweetly requested that these superplants not be sprayed or ripped out of the ground.  To no avail.  But… This morning my favorite farmstand had a Huge bagful of Purslane for $2!!  It seemed like Fate!!!  Imagine my husbands dismay upon entering the kitchen and not only seeing a huge weed in the kitchen sink, but being told that it’s going to be part of his dinner!!!   But you know me, first I had to ferment some!!  After some searching turned up that Purslane is a succulent and can be slightly muscilaginous my first thought was of Nopales (cactus paddles) which I fry up with jalapenos, onions and garlic.  So my ferment is chopped Purslane with garlic and jalapeno slices, weighted down with a thick slice of onion.. And I threw the rest of those ingredients in the pan for dinner!! And guess what?? It’s good!!! (I’ll have to update you on the ferment in a month or so!!)

Trying new things is such an important thing to teach kids, and will encourage them to be fearless adults!!!   What are you going to try today???

DSC01807 DSC01809


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  1. I just read the same nonsense from Medical Observer online. I was the pickiest eater – drove my mother nuts!! But my father was the same so I’m not sure why she was so upset!! I managed not to be too mentally ill and eventually learned to eat many, many more foods over the years. Why just last week I had some piggies tails for goodness sake and yesterday cooked an oxtail stew…………

    While these foods are not my first preference, I now embrace them as I understand their health values.

    Thanks for posting this

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  2. I saw some recent posts about purse lane too on Fermenting sites and then saw it at my farmers market last Sat. And bought some. I used it raw in my salad and then juiced the rest! Great post Michelle.

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