Good Morning!!


Did you ever just wake up and have So much that you wanted to say that you just couldn’t stand it?? This is that day for me!!!   Recent events as well as goodies in my email box and Facebook messages have me absolutely wanting to type as quickly as I can!!

I have been absolutely bombarded with questions and messages from all over the world each day from people that are sick and in Pain.. When I walked into my orthopedic doctor’s office this week and one after the other people on crutches, in wheelchairs, limping, and wincing walked in,  the abundance of pain in that room made my all teary eyed!!

The thing that seemed to connect all of the patients in the room was Pain, and almost all of them looked to hopeless.  I love my new little doctor and I do trust him to “fix me” but I am full convinced that most of my “cure” is in my hands!  There is No doubt that what you choose to eat will affect the condition of your body.. Eliminating all Grains, Dairy, Corn, Peanuts, All Processed Food and All Sugar (of Every kind!) is imperative if you are struggling with an Auto Immune Disease or any other physical ailment.. or if you just want to be healthy enough to be able to play with your grandchildren some day!!  Keeping your body in motion is vital in changing your health around as well.. But you’ve heard all this from me before!!!

One thing that you may not have heard from me in the past, is my suggestion that you add yet another supplement to your routine!!!  Especially if you have some.. structural difficulties ( Osteoarthritis, RA etc) You should be getting collagen into your body daily.. I personally take Gelatin supplements and make delicious bone broth!!   But there is another thing that you should consider!!!  Many of you have heard of Diatomaceous Earth.. You may even use the non-food grade version in your swimming pools!!  It is a great source of Silica that is readily available to our bodies for strengthening and rebuilding bones and teeth!!!   Diatomaceous Earth is basically the fossilized shells of microscopic water-dwelling organisms known as diatoms. Diatoms are one-celled plants (algae or phytoplankton) that are the primary food source for marine life.  They use silica obtained from sand to create their skeletons.. When the diatoms die their bodies fall to the bottom of whatever body of water they live in.. Creating a bed of fossilized silica that is So useful to our bodies.

Scientific evidence has shown that ingestion of (Food Grade) DE can be beneficial in the treatment of osteoporosis, Arthritis, Hypertension and many, many more ailments!!  It is also an anti-parasitic (I know, gross, but 90% of Americans have them!!) it kills bugs on plants and pets as well!!!  But the silica in it makes it something that you should really investigate!!!  Even a regimen of as little as a heaping tablespoonful a day mixed in water can change your health!!! It is cheap, safe and readily available… I bought my first Food Grade DE from a local feed store!!!!

Give it a try!! I’d love to hear about your results!!!  Here’s one on Amazon that I’ve tried, in case you have trouble finding it locally!!!

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I’d love to share this information with all the patients in my doctor’s office… But because I can’t, I’ll share it with you!!!

In the interest of full disclosure, this is an Amazon Affiliate link… I will never share products that I haven’t used, or don’t believe in!!


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