So, what is Inflammation anyway??

quote-surgeons-and-anatomists-see-no-beautiful-women-in-all-their-lives-but-only-a-ghastly-stack-of-mark-twain-334675After being sick and in pain for most of my life I began researching Inflammation about five years ago. having Rheumatoid Arthritis was my motivation.. I really wasn’t looking forward to my knuckles contorting and swelling up, nor was I excited about my spine fusing and bending me over so that all I could see was the floor!!    So the research began.  Many of the diseases that I’ve been diagnosed with have their roots in Inflammation!!!!

Inflammation is a system that our bodies use to heal and protect us from infection.  Blood and fluids will rush to the site of an injury to cushion and begin healing the area.  In the case of infection many times you’ll notice the onset of a fever, sort of a whole body inflammation as your immune system gets to work battling the invaders!    So inflammation is a good thing right?? Not always!!  Our bodies very complex and react to not only our environments but also the food that we eat!

Some conditions that are associated with abnormal levels of inflammation include Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimers, Allergies, Auto-Immune disease, Obesity and Heart Disease!!!  The exciting part about all this, is that you can do something about it!!!  If you’ve hung around me for any length of time you know that I’m always saying that there are certain foods that will not only make you fat, they’ll make you Sick!!!

If you have any joint or muscle pain, allergies, are overweight despite eating a “healthy” diet, have a perpetual runny nose, Hypertension or high blood sugar, or a myriad of other conditions there is Hope!!!   Choosing the food you eat is the most important tool that you have!!! Pain is Not inevitable!!!

Major culprits in systemic inflammation are dairy foods, grains, white carbs (potatoes), All forms of sugar (yes, including fruit),  most soy, all processed foods (Yes even the ones labelled “Healthy”) and GMO foods…  For years now I’ve been teaching people how to eat without utilizing these foods, and I felt that it was easiest just to ditch them all…  Last week someone in my Facebook foodie group recommended a new book.  I read it yesterday and discovered a great new tool!!!   //“> The Inflammation Free Diet Plan details the difference between inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods and introduces the possibility of balancing your diet by making smart choices between the two!!!  Instead of just removing the foods that are only slightly inflammatory – chicken for instance, you have the option of cooking your chicken with onions, garlic and spices galore (that are highly anti-inflammatory) and create a meal that can actually fight the inflammation in your body!!!  The book is full of foods ranked by Inflammatory Factor… You can determine exactly which foods can heal you and which foods can hurt you!!   If you love fruit, having a small amount of a lower IF ranked food can be acceptable if you combine it with a food with a high anti-inflammation ranking!!

I’m really excited about this tool.. We’ve been told forever to Eat our Greens… Discovering just how important that is was mind blowing… For instance.. I eat about 3-4 cups of raw Spiralized zucchini each day.. I mean, veggies are the healthiest things you can eat right? Right, but vegetables are not created equal.. Granted Zucchini comes down on the anti-inflammatory side of the IF scale, but only gets 22 points… juxtaposed with 1/2 cup of kale which has an IF of 232!!!  We can fight the pain and inflammation in our bodies simply by choosing the right foods!!  This book just might be the tool that you need to change your life!!!  //” target=”_blank”>The Inflammation Free Diet gets my stamp of approval!!! Check it out!!!

In the interest of full disclosure, this is an Amazon Affiliate link. I promise never to add a link to a product that I don’t personally love!!


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  1. I have two comments. I think that you do a great job and I see you on the fermenting pages. I am glad you have been able to reduce your inflammation. Have you had yourself tested for inflammation in the blood? I was wondering about numbers before and numbers after you had been dieting for a while. I also was wondering about the cruciferous vegetables. Originally, it is my thinking that the krauts were made to be kind of a side dish and if we eat too much of those sulfur type vegetables , especially raw or fermented they really mess the ability of your thyroid to function. I love your recipes. This is not in any way criticism at all. Martha


    • Hi Martha!! I don’t see it as criticism at all!! I Love questions!!! My Primary doc is not a huge believer in CRP. I have asked for the test repeatedly.. He thinks it’s useless!! He did deign to test my Cardiac inflammation last year and it was negligible.

      Ooh I love Goitrogenic questions!!!! Since my diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer I have researched the effect of Goitrogens on the body. For a few years I avoided Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Peaches, Soy and Peanuts completely… After further research I realized that the cruciferous veggies could be eaten as long as they were lightly cooked or.. Fermented!!! Some trustworthy science came down on the side of the fermentation process reducing the goitrogenic effect!!! I still won’t eat peanuts… And very little peaches or soy!! Quantity wise.. I probably consume about 1/4 cup of some type of kraut with breakfast and lunch. And I have to say, my Thyroid levels suddenly normalized!!!


  2. Risk factors you cannot control include:. Some women have low levels of these antioxidants due to poor eating habits, which is common among younger women and
    teens. One theory is that the problem isn’t so much “too much sodium,” rather, “too little magnesium, potassium and calcium.


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