Kombucha. It’s not just for hipsters anymore.



You’ve all heard of Kombucha by now.  That funky drink that the cool people  are always drinking. That stinky stuff that explodes while rolling down the conveyer belt in the grocery store. Everyone is talking about it!!  But, what is it?? It may just be the secret to better health and more energy for You!!

Kombucha is basically a fermented sweet tea.  A Kombucha Scoby, or mushroom,  is added to black tea and white sugar and fermented, creating a drink that’s.. well, unique!!!   My beautiful niece knew that I had been suffering with ill health for decades, knew that healing the gut is key to good health, and kept urging me to try Kombucha.    Being a logical person, with a very brilliant, convincing niece, I picked up a bottle while grocery shopping.   As I prepared to leave the parking lot I cracked open the bottle and took a swig!  Aaaaack!!! She must be nuts, I thought!! Why would anybody drink that stuff!!!  It tasted like apple cider vinegar mixed with tea, and ginger… and I forced myself to take another swig… It’s supposed to be good for you, you know!!  Aaaack!! But wait… a warm feeling of well-being started in my chest after the second swig.. By the time I got to the next stoplight the bottle was empty… And I was hooked!!!!   At Christmastime my niece gifted me with a Scoby and a vessel, and the rest is history!!!

A Scoby is a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and yeasts… and you can’t make Kombucha without one (in some form.)   The fermented tea is a biochemical powerhouse!! There have been many claims made for it, and many detractors who say it’s not worth drinking.  The facts are, Kombucha is packed with good acids, Vitamins C and B’s, minerals and enzymes!! It helps with digestion, healing the gut and energizing you!!!

Different types of tea can be used to make Kombucha.. Black, Oolong, Green and White.  Herb teas and teas that include oils and flavorings might just kill your Scoby and should be avoided.   The best part about making your own, is that you can control the Flavor!!! After the tea is removed from the vessel and the Scoby it can be decanted with fruit, spice and herbs and fermented again to give you a bubbly flavorful drink that will cause you to do the happy dance!!!

For a basic batch of Kombucha, you’ll need

10-12 Black tea bags

1 Cup white sugar

1 gallon glass vessel (with a metal nozzle or none at all )

1 Kombucha Scoby


It’s as simple as brewing a gallon of black tea, adding the sugar and stirring till dissolved, cooling the tea down and adding it to the Scoby in your vessel… Hopefully the friend that gave you the Scoby will have provided a cup or two of starting liquid (kombucha tea) Add that along with your Scoby.  Cover the vessel with a cotton dishcloth and two rubber bands to keep out dust and fruit flies!!!  Depending on the temperature where you are, your brew could be ready in 5 days!! (If it’s cold it could take 28!!) You’ll be able to smell it when it’s ready to taste.. a distinctly apple cider vinegar aroma!!!  Taste it and see what you think!!!   Now, how good does that make you feel???







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