“But, It’s too hard to eat healthy!!!!”


Or.. “Healthy food doesn’t taste good!!”  Or… “Healthy food is too expensive!!” Or… and by far the worst… “I don’t know how to cook healthy food!”  Seriously some of my worst pet peeves!!!!  I inwardly growl when I hear anyone say these things!!!

First things first… It’s too hard to eat healthy??? If You are eating the right foods, they are as close to nature as possible, one ingredient, no label foods… In many cases you pick, and eat… Minimal preparation is always an option!  Putting some of those real foods together, a vegetable or two and an animal protein… And you have a meal!!

And how can anyone say that healthy food doesn’t taste good??  Have you ever bitten into a warm tomato plucked right off the vine? Or crunched on a baby carrot pulled right out of the ground? Perfection in a bite!!!  Where we get into trouble is when we allow big business to dictate what appeals to our tastebuds!! Highly processed, phony, unhealthy foods are mainstream now… Train your tastebuds to recognize good food by ditching Fake Food and savoring the bounty of the earth!!

I am an unrepentant cheapskate, so when people tell me that they can’t afford to eat healthy food, they’re in for a lecture!!!   For one week take all the money that you would spend on junk food and fast food, processed food and desserts… Add it all up.You will be horrified at the money you are spending to ruin your health!!

Consider this, I stop by my local farmstand every Monday morning and fill a huge box with Baby Bok Choy, kale, onions, sweet potatoes, zucchini, spaghetti squash, daikon, eggplant and a myriad of other veggies.. The whole boxful runs between $10 and $20.  I think that’s hard to beat!!!     A recent survey determined that the average American’s fast food diet ran around $10,000 per year..The American eating the healthier food diet spent about $5,000!!!! The average daily cost of the healthy diet was $7.48, while the fast food diet averaged $15.30 per day.   So please, please don’t tell me that you’re not eating healthy food because you can’t afford it!!  Be creative when shopping.. Buy the bananas in the 99 cent bags that have a couple bruises.. They’re better for you anyways!  Shop local.. Find the local farmstands in your area.. Not the cute, glitzy ones.. The little shacks overflowing with Asian veggies!!  Pull over when you’re driving down rural roads and see what treasures you’ll find!! Find local farmers that sell directly, or through CSA’s!!images

And then the last comment that makes me cringe… ‘I don’t know how to cook healthy food’  I have to just blurt right out… This is Silly!!!  In the age that we live in, not knowing something can be cured Instantly!! There are thousands of websites, blogs, social networking groups and cooking shows to teach the world how to cook!!!  And many of them, like the ones I’m involved in, deal specifically with cooking real, healthy food!!  There are so many people that are passionate about teaching you how to make the most delicious nutritious food in the world.. Fast, fake and junk food can’t even compare!!!

I think the reason these comments just plain bug me so much is what lies beneath… A lack of self worth… You must see yourself as someone valuable enough to take care of, and feed properly.  You Are worth the effort!!  You Are worth the time!!!  You Are worth the cost!!!!! You Are worth the energy.  Value yourself today, feed that body of yours some real, clean food!!!


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  1. It’s hard to eat heatlhy when you only buy unhealthy ingredients that’s for sure. The healthy bit needs to start in the supermarket and then with some planning it’s as easy, if not easier than eating the unhealthy way. And it tastes just as good too 🙂

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