Can’t lose weight?? Maybe you don’t need to!!!

Ok.. it just has to be said.. I do get a lot of messages asking me about losing weight… And I always say the same thing. It’s not about getting skinny and conforming to the opinions of the world… It is all about getting HEALTHY!!! I mean seriously… How much does being skinny profit you if you feel awful!!! I figure i’m about ten pounds heavier than I like to be.. ( I don’t really weigh myself!!)  But i am healthier now than I ever, ever have been!!!

In our present world we are bombarded with diet plans, gym advertisements and bony models…People are so obsessed with weight and eat fake food, no food, weird food type products, only one food, only raw food…. and they feel terrible… Let’s get real!!! Eat Real Fresh Food without an ingredient list, pyramid scheme, tv commercial or spokesperson…  After following the Wahl’s Protocol and the AIP diet I discovered that the key to health is Eating Your Vegetables!!! And Lots of them!!! You should be consuming between 6 and 9 cups Everyday!!!! Dr. Wahl  advises eating 3 cups colorful veggies (orange, yellow, purple and red)  3 cups leafy greens, and three cups sulfur rich veggies such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower!!   I guarantee that if you are Only eating that many veggies, small amounts of clean animal protein and good fats,  not only will your body start functioning better… Your blue jeans will start fitting better too!!!

If you don’t lose weight and become model thin when eating this way.. but feel wonderful, energetic and ready to take on the world, consider this… Maybe you don’t Need to lose weight!!  Move!! Get outside!! Breathe!! Enjoy your life, and your health!!   Eat fresh, clean one ingredient foods as close to nature as possible!!!

Your body will thank you for it!!


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  1. Hi Michelle! It’s Debra from church. Just read some of your blog. I will try the veggie and protein thing. It was great seeing you Sunday. We don’t often go to the 1st service. God bless you.


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