Got yourself into a little pickle??


Pickles have been around Forever!!! Archeologists believe that the ancient Mesopotamians made pickles in 2400 BC!!  Cleopatra attributed her beauty to a hearty diet of pickles!!    Julius Caesar fed pickles to his troops in the belief that they enhanced physical and spiritual strength!!

Nowadays, the things we know as pickles are not even fermented.. They’re covered with hot vinegar and salt and put through a canning process to kill all the bacteria… Even the good stuff!!!  Certainly these pickles wouldn’t have been given credit for improving anyone’s health!!  Making pickles the time honored way is really simple to do.. The fermentation process creates good probiotics that will heal your gut and improve your health in immeasurable ways!  All you need is cucumbers, salt, water and time.

I do like the traditional fermented garlic dill pickles..   They’re just fine… But a tad boring.  So I did a little experimenting!!  I adapted a recipe from Fearless Eating for Japanese style pickles.   Simply adding water, soy sauce, fresh ginger and garlic and letting them ferment for a week!!


Then last week I made up some Miso-Kimchi pickles. Using traditional Kimchi seasonings I bumped up the flavor profile with some red Miso paste!!  I opened the jar yesterday.. My kids walked in, and suddenly half the jarful had disappeared!!

Boring pickles?? I think not!!

Garlicky Dill Pickles, Japanese Style Pickles, Miso Kimchi Pickles!!

Garlicky Dill Pickles, Japanese Style Pickles, Miso Kimchi Pickles!!


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