Transform your veggies …. Into Noodles!!!!

We know by now that white carbs are terrible for us.. They are mostly processed completely fake food… Even simple carbs that we believe to be healthy, turn to sugar in our bodies as soon as they hit the saliva in our mouths!!!!   They raise our blood sugar, cause rampant inflammation throughout our bodies, and dare I say it?? Make us Fat!!!  But we love our breads, potatoes and pastas.. But honestly, they Don’t like us!!!

As the public becomes more aware of the damage that they are doing to their bodies by way of the food they eat, the knee-jerk reactions abound!!  People that have realized that gluten is poisoning them turn to the billion dollar industry of “Gluten Free” food.. If the Standard American Diet is horrible.. The “gluten free” diet that includes highly processed fake foods can be even worse!!  If you don’t know what the ingredients on the label are.. you shouldn’t be putting them in your mouth!!

Still other people give up on finding substitutes for the foods that they love and live a life of deprivation!!  Personally, I was a pasta junkie for decades. Cheerfully sitting down with huge bowls of noodles for lunch and dinner.. And doing irreparable damage to my body!   So a couple years ago when I discovered the need to turn my health upside down, I did the only logical thing.  I GAVE UP NOODLES FOREVER!!!

Or did I?  One night while surfing the internet I discovered a most unique kitchen tool.. It was called the Spiralizer, or the Spiral slicer.  It claimed to make noodles out of vegetables.  Well, I just had to have it!!! My first creation was Armenian cucumbers made into 9 foot long noodles, tossed with rice vinegar and cilantro… I was intrigued.  And immediately began attempting to Spiralize everything in my kitchen!!!

Soon I developed a dish that has become a regular part of our diets!!  Zucchetti!!!  Long thin noodles made of Raw zucchini… Ick, you say.. Who likes raw zucchini?? Answer? I do.. and everyone else that I serve it to!!  Personally I eat about five pounds a week.. in breakfast sautes, lunch salads and dinner sides!

One of my favorite ways to serve them is with Ginger Sesame dressing!


Thai ‘not’ Peanut dressing
2 T almond butter
2 T sesame oil
2 T Braggs Aminos or 1 T soy sauce
1/2 tsp Sriracha sauce
2 T rice vinegar
1 tsp freshly grated ginger
Mix it up!!!
 Top with fresh sprouts and chopped snow peas if you’d like!


This might be exciting enough.. But tonight I invented something revolutionary!!!  I was researching resistant starch, Inulin and the affect of pre-biotics on the gut.  I discovered that Jicama is a great source of Inulin.. An amazing compound that can help heal the gut, make minerals more available to the body.. And – LOWER BLOOD GLUCOSE!!!  We’ve all had crunchy fresh Jicama in salads.. But did you ever think of Cooking it???  Well I did and came up with something Amazing!!!



I spiralized two huge Jicama, rubbed them with coconut oil and threw them onto cookie sheets.. I baked at 400 for about 20 minutes then turned the oven on convection 300 degrees and cooked for half an hour.. Sprinkled them with pink salt and Oh My Goodness!!!

It tasted like toasted coconut, or something else crispy, salty and rich!!! And it was just Jicama!!!! Full of Inulin, resistant fiber and very few carbohydrates!!

I use the Paderno tri-blade spiral slicer//
<!–iframe! I’ve been using one for years and it is the most fun tool in my kitchen!!






In the interest of full disclosure.. I have signed up with the Amazon Affiliate program.. I promise not to post anything that I don’t love, or don’t own personally!!



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  1. I had zuchetti with bolognese sauce tonight for dinner, along with a green salad. I don’t miss the carbs and am very satisfied 🙂 It takes time to change the way I eat, but it is a worthy endeavor! Thank you for the help!

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