World Peace… through food??


When I changed my diet and turned my health upside down,  I realized that mainstream American food had added to my various health problems and was not the answer… Researching the healthiest food in the world has led me outside the confines of my local big box stores and into the treasure hidden in small corners of the county..

I’ve found Nigella Sativa seeds (Kalonji/Black cumin seeds) in a tiny Fijian market..   Hispanic markets full of Epazote, colorful peppers and the redolent scent of cumin.. Middle Eastern markets full of wonders I had never seen, and that now have become commonplace to me, Za’atar and Fenugreek for instance…. A teensy Indian market that drew me in by it’s aroma alone, and filled my bags with curries and seeds!!  My wonderful Asian market full of powders and pastes and fresh unrecognizable vegetables!!   It is an adventure every time I locate one of these little stores..

There is a common theme however… Me, a towering, very American woman walking into these businesses can cause consternation, frowns and suspicious glances.  I am sorely out of place…. until I start getting excited about the food!!!  Once I express interest in something.. or approach the checkstand with a big grin and my arms loaded with treasures.. the smiles break out and I’m welcomed as a friend!!!

If I ask questions, answers seem to fly through the air as everyone tries to teach me!!!   I’ve made friends with proprietors as well as customers of most of the businesses in my area.. simply because I can’t seem to stay away, and I think that the fact that I am fascinated by their food and their culture causes them to accept me!!!

There is a Persian restaurant not far from here that is simply my most favorite place in the world to eat!!  When we walk through the door, we are met with exclamations, hugs and smiles!!  I recently introduced my husband and some friends to my restaurant.. While rolling out the proverbial red carpet for us, the owners wife exclaimed to my husband that I was not just their best customer.. I was their family!!!  With all the negative news about the Middle East, this blesses my heart to be so warmly accepted.  My friend has promised repeatedly to teach me everything she knows… and you know what??   I’m going to take her up on it!!

Is World Peace possible through food??  You bet!!! Why don’t you all do some exploring? Find some ethnic markets near you.. ask some questions.. fall in love with another culture and it’s cuisine!!!



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  1. It may be the ONLY way! I’ve had many similar experiences at markets and spice stores. There are so many aspects that this, meaning food, feeds into and each one has an element to play in healing and world peace….proper food preparation, organic/non- GMO, community, local, seasonal, nourishment, adventure, honour, and love to name just a few.

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