Keep Calm and Curry On!!!


Over the past few years I have become fascinated, or slightly obsessed with the Curries of the world.. At first it was just the flavors.. Then learning about the tremendous health benefits of spices really grabbed me!!

Curries are as individual as people! In India a curry is typically a dish of lentils or vegetables in a spicy gravy.  When you buy curry powder at the store you’re not getting one thing, you’re getting a blend of many different spices which depend on the manufacturer.  Personally I am not a huge fan of a dominant cinnamon flavor in my curry, so I really like blending it myself! Usually my blend looks something like this…

Coriander (lowers cholesterol, heals skin disorders)

Cumin (a potent detoxifier, aids digestion, calms queasiness)

Turmeric (detoxifier, kills cancer cells, anti-infective)

Black mustard seed or mustard powder (aids respiratory problems, muscle pain and dermatitis)

Cardamom seeds (great for muscle pain, killing cancer, and curing UTI’s)

Fenugreek (lowers blood pressure, calms indigestion, helps muscle pain)

Fennel seeds (fights anemia, high blood pressure.. and bad breath)

Cayenne (boosts immunity and fights inflammation!)


I make it up and keep it in a small mason jar near my stove and use it continuously!!  I love the flavors so much that I created a CurryKraut just so I could eat it more often.  Each individual spice has incredible healing powers, so incorporating them into your diet is really important!!

Michelle’s CurryKraut

2 heads of cabbage – chopped ( not too finely)
2 T sea salt
1 red onion – chopped
1 cup shredded carrots
1 T hot curry powder
1 T ground turmeric
2 T Nigella Sativa seeds
2 T Ajwan seeds
1 tsp Sumac
1 tsp black pepper
1T chopped garlic
2 T grated ginger
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
Mix together and beat it up til the brine is about an inch deep on the bottom you your bowl… Press tightly into a 1/2 gallon mason jar or Fido… Weight down and close tightly… Put in a dark cupboard for a month without messing with it!!!  I put a plastic bowl underneath the jar just in case…

If you’ve ever eaten Thai food, you’ll notice that the curries are very different.. I’ve tried green, yellow and red!! These curries are made from wet pastes added to meat and vegetable dishes. they typically contain ingredients like ginger, lemongrass, coriander, chilis or any number of wonderful, flavorful spices! It’s worth trying them all to figure out which is your favorite!!  I admit to a slight addiction to the yellow thai curry! It makes a rockin’  Tom Kha Gai soup!!

Indonesia and Singapore also have their own unique curries that I look forward to

exploring in the future!!!




5 responses

  1. Do you use equal parts of all your spices for your curry blend? Or do you just blend it to taste? I am inspired to do a curry dish this week. Also, what do you use your curry kraut in/on?


    • Hi! No, the amounts are not all equal… You know I don’t measure.. I’ll add an approximation later on today!! As far as the CurryKraut goes… I add it to my breakfast bowl of veggies topped with fried eggs… Or on my veggie salad bowl for lunch with chicken.. Or just as a side for dinner.. It is totally addictive and you’ll like it on everything!!!


    • This is an estimation of my blend 😀 Curry Blend

      2 T Coriander

      2 T Cumin

      1 tsp Turmeric

      1 T Black mustard seed or mustard powder

      1 tsp Cardamom seeds

      1 T 1 tsp Fenugreek

      1 tsp Fennel seeds

      1/4 tsp Cayenne

      Grind up in a spice grinder or coffee mill! Store in a small mason jar

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