Let’s talk about Sprouts!!!

If you were around in the 70’s Everybody was sprouting something!!!  Mostly Alfalfa sprouts in those days…. And over the decades, most people stopped.  Me included, life got busy, my children were born, and sprouting just ceased. A few years ago I started it up again.  Legume, spice and veggie seed sprouts are some of the healthiest things that you can eat!!! They’re alive!! They possess all of the nutritional benefits of their full grown counterparts, or More!!! Just the germinating process boosts the levels of vitamin C as well as a few B vitamins.

One of the most important things that occurs during the soaking and sprouting process is the elimination of Phytic acid…  Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient that occurs in grains and legumes. It inhibits digestion in humans and can bind to several vital minerals that our bodies need.  So once you’ve soaked and sprouted a legume it is much easier to digest.. And you eat them Raw!!!

A myriad of seeds and legumes can be sprouted – Radish, Broccoli, Cabbage, green peas, lentils, mung beans and even the seeds of the Fenugreek!! (one of my personal favorites!!)

It’s really a simple process.. I usually have jars of seeds soaking, sprouting… or… Fermenting!!! (But we’ll get to that tomorrow!!)

Here are some basic instructions… Sure, you can buy fancy equipment for sprouting, racks, jars, towers etc.  I may be a bit of a penny pinching pragmatist, so I use mason jars (I may have a few lying around!!) coffee filters and rubber bands!!

Basic Sprouting Instructions..

Soak seeds overnight in a mason jar
Drain and rinse a few times and dump all the water out
Cover the jar with a coffee filter and rubber band
Rinse and drain 3-4 times a day.. shaking all the water out!!
Each day you’ll be able to watch the little tails emerge and Grow!!
In about four days they’ll be ready!!
DSC01504 DSC01505 DSC01506 (1)

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  1. After watching you, I’ve sprouted a few things and enjoy them both fresh and fermented. I’m curious about fenugreek since I’ve seen you sprout it. You probably have this information posted already, but where would I buy fenugreek to sprout and how do you prefer to use it? Thanks!

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