Why Ferment??


Moroccan Fermented Grapefruit and Oranges

Well if you’ve been paying attention lately Fermenting is the new big thing!!!   It’s in style to let your food age into a state of sour probiotic wonderfulness!!   Yes, it is a great way to preserve your harvest, and yes it does make your veggies taste better!! But frankly, I do it for a different reason… After decades of putting up with terrible health, healing my gut is my most important priority – health wise!!!

Fermenting mainly raw vegetables in a controlled environment creates a variety of probiotics that wage war on the “bad” bacteria that lives in our intestinal tract and cause so many of our health woes! So many diseases that plague modern man are caused, or exacerbated by poor diet, overuse of antibiotics and the environment in which we live…. Imagine having a weapon against such ailments as Fibromyalgia, Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or the gastric reflux that so many Americans struggle with!!!   You do!!! It’s the probiotics found in fermented foods!!!

We’ll be exploring a variety of vegetables and sprouted legumes all fermented using simply a bit of salt and some water!!!    Since I’ve begun fermenting madly, I have been able to ditch all my gastrointestinal prescriptions as All my symptoms of Hiatal Hernia, Gastric Reflux, IBS and Diverticulitis have Disappeared!! And these foods are so delicious I actually crave them and eat them with each meal!!!

I hope that this fermenting teaser gives you hope.. Because I firmly believe that it is possible to change your diet, and change your health!!


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