Getting Healthy!!

I am so excited to be here!!! My name is Michelle Knox. After being sick and in pain for forty years, I finally discovered the link between good health and good Food!!! I was crippled with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diverticulitis, Fibromyalgia, Hiatal Hernia, Migraines, Ankylosing Spondylitis and many other potentially serious diagnoses for decades… I was Eating what I believed to be the ‘Most nutritious diet” in the world… I was a Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Vegan…. And I was getting steadily sicker and collecting yet more dread diseases!!! How could that even be???  I listened to my doctors for years telling me “If it hurts, rest it!!” And I obeyed.. Spending hours and days and years curled on the couch with heating pads that I would move from area to area in hopes of alleviating the pain…

And then… I got really tired of all that!!!  I discovered that eating The Most Nutritious Food that you can possibly find, will help you rid your body of the symptoms that plague you!!!  Eating foods that have No ingredient label, No spokesperson, No commercial, No pyramid scheme, and Nothing fake, can have a tremendous difference on how you feel!!!  Now in my fifties, I am in better health than I Ever have been, I ditched my prescriptions, started going to a fitness class, and I have entirely changed the way I eat, and how I feel about food!!

I’d like to take you all on a journey.. My journey… Discovering Fresh, Clean, Wholesome food and learning how to prepare it in such a delicious way that it’s really irresistible!! Discovering fermented foods and how they can work to heal your gut – and your whole body!! Discovering healing spices from around the world and learning how they can not only impact your health, but make your food seriously Wonderful!!!IMG_0907


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  1. You are such an intensely inspiring person Michelle. Just the constant trickle of seeing your posts and comments on Facebook, and the time I spend on your blog– you pop into my mind as I’m going about my life and it’s always with a sparkle of joy, possibility and creativity. So thank you for being you and hooray for the internet forces that brought you to the screens in my life. 🙂

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