Well, as you hang around me you’ll discover that I don’t follow recipes.. And I don’t want you to follow mine!!! (What?? A food blogger that doesn’t want you to follow her recipes??) Exactly!!! Use them for inspiration, for knowledge or for guidelines… Making them your own is where the magic comes in!!!

So honestly, when I made this ferment I had no idea that there really was something similar out in the world… I was simply making my Baby Bok Choy and Daikon Kimchi… And I ran out of Bok Choy!!! But I love carrots.. so continued on… I tasted it tonight, and I must say… Woot Woot!! Yum!!!

1 Lb carrots – julienned
3 large daikon – spiralized
3 Spring onions (or scallions chopped)
2 T shredded ginger
2 T minced garlic
2 T salt
3 T Gochucarang
2 T Nuoc Pham
2 T lime juice

Salt veggies, massage well.. let sit it soft and they’ve exuded liquid… Mix in spices and everything else (Make sure you use gloves!!) pack into large jars and press down well.. add extra brine if needed… weight down (I use a ziplock bag filled with brine) close the lid.. Place it in a dishtub, cover with a dishtowel and leave it alone for four weeks at least!!!


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  1. Just a little more information about the ingredients I used in this.. Daikon is a Japanese radish.. It looks like a huge white carrot and can be found in the produce department of most grocery stores.. Gochucarang or Gochucaru is either a paste or powder created specifically for Kimchi making… Nuoc Pham is a Thai fish sauce that has red pepper and vinegar added to it.. Of course you can use regular Nam Pla (just fermented fish sauce) instead!!! Both of these ingredients can be easily found in Asian markets!

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  2. Michelle, do you think you could come up with a baby steps approach to learning ones way around unfamiliar spices (what they’re good with, what quantity to use, how to best utilize then, what other sources they combine well with)? Do you have any links to glossaries of herbs and spices?

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    • I absolutely can help!!! First eliminating All sugars, All dairy, coffee, all processed food, All gluten, GMO or just plain fake!! Eating mostly fresh, clean vegetables, some clean animal protein with each meal and adding good fats to your diet… Eating fermented foods every day.. And cutting way back on alcohol will go a long way towards making you feel better!!!


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